Thursday, October 1, 2015


This week in math, the kids practiced their graphing skills, compared more and less, represented numbers 0-10 on 10 frames, read, wrote and drew amounts for numbers 1-10 and count and wrote numbers for objects 1-5.

Tuesday, to go along with the letter Ii, we did an ice cream taste test! The kids tried vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavored ice cream.

Once they were finished tasting each flavor, they put a scoop of ice cream above the one they liked the most.

The class liked chocolate and strawberry the most with it tied at 6. Only 2 of us liked vanilla the most! We left the graph up all week and the kids used it as a reference in one of their stations for math that had to do with graphing the results of our ice cream taste test.

At one of their other stations, the kids counted acorns, the wrote the number next to the acorn to show how many it was.

At their third station, the kids did apple picking books where they wrote their numbers from 1 to 10, circled those numbers and drew that many apples in a tree for each page.

At my table, the kids compared pictures of sets and showed which one had more and which one had less. They also showed me amounts by using linking cubes on our ten frames. I gave each of them a different number (from 1 to 10) and they had to build that number for me to show me how much it was.