Monday, October 12, 2015

Field Trip

Friday was our first field trip of the school year! We split into 2 groups and went to 4 different places to see what different community helpers do in our town!

The first stop on our community helper field trip was to McDonald's, where the kids got to see how everything works behind the scenes. It was pretty neat to see! They showed the kids where the chicken nuggets and fries were made, where they take their breaks, how the soda machines work, the big walk in refrigerator and freezer, where the cameras are and where people take orders at. Once we had a tour of the back of McDonald's, the kids got to play in the play place for a while. They also gave our kiddos apples! Thank you so much, McDonald's for letting our kids see what goes on in your restaurant. They really loved it.

The second stop on our trip was to Leal's Tortilla Factory (which we all love because of their delicious tortillas!) The kids got to see how tortillas are made starting with how they grind the corn to make the dough for the corn tortillas and how the corn and flour tortillas are made in the machines. Thank you Leal's for letting the kids come in and see how tortillas are made! And thank you for the delicious tortillas! :)

After the tortilla factory, we headed back to the school for lunch. We would have gone to the park, but it had been raining all week and was too wet. We ate in the classroom and watched a Peep and Chirp episode instead. After lunch, it was off to the post office. Our kids got to see different kinds of stamps, see how mail is sorted into P.O, Boxes, see how the mail is sorted in the back before it is put in trucks and sent to us, and got to sit in the mail truck! Thank you to the post office for letting the kids come in and showing them around the back!

Our last stop was to the public library where the kids got to have a story time with the librarian. The read 2 books and sang some really cute songs. The kids loved listening to the books and singing the songs. Thank you to the public library for letting our kids come in are reading to them and singing with them.