Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Learnin Our Letters!

Last week's letters were Mm, Nn, Oo and Pp and we review letters Gg - Mm. The kids also worked on rhyming, circling words in their decodables and finding words in a word search.

For their letter Mm stations, the kids did their letter Mm books, made paper plate monkeys, finished up work in their writing binders, and played their letter Mm sound matching game. 

Tuesday, the kids practice matching rhyming words with pictures, made letters with play dough and made Gg giraffes.

Wednesday, the kids made nurses for the letter Nn.

Thursday, for the letter Oo, the kids made O owls, did their letter Oo books, and played ABC Mouse on iPads.

Friday, we talked about the letter Pp. the kids made letter Pp bubble maps, did letter p word searches, and made penguins.