Thursday, October 8, 2015

Short Week!

This week in reading and writing we worked on the letters Qq, Rr and Ss.

In their Qq stations on Monday, the kids practiced writing capital and lowercase Qq's, drew pictures that start with the /kw/ sound, made letter Q quilts and put the alphabet in order with our noodle letters.

Tuesday we did the letter Rr. The kids' stations for the letter Rr were making letter R rainbows, doing their letter Rr book and matched pictures that began with /r/ to their rabbits.

Wednesday was an early release day for parent conferences so we did not do letter stations. Thursday we did the letter Ss. The kids played their letter Ss sound matching game and practiced writing Ss' at my table, decorated seahorses with tissue paper, did their letter Ss books, and traced letter Ss' and colored pictures that started with the /s/ sound.