Sunday, August 28, 2016

Making Observations in Second Grade!

This week, Science was part of our schedule! We had science activities on Wednesday and Thursday. We started off Wednesday by watching a BrainPOP on making observations.

Once our BrainPOP was over, we broke into groups and practiced sorting different pictures and objects in our learning groups! We worked on making observations and looking closely at what the pictures or objects had in common. Each table had different cards and objects to sort. Once they decided how they wanted to sort their objects, they wrote the categories on the tops of their papers and placed the matching cards or objects underneath each topic.

Thursday when we made observations, the kids used objects from outside! Each table had something different, but here were things like sticks, leaves, flowers, seeds and feathers. After they observed for a little while, they drew a picture of the object they observed and wrote 3 descriptive words about it.