Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Problem Solving ... Littering!

Last week in science, kindergarten talked about littering being a problem in their classrooms, and we enriched on it in my SSTEAM class. The first day, we watched a BrainPOP about reducing, reusing and recycling to go with the littering they were talking about in their classes (which took up most of our Wednesday).

Thursday when the kids came in, we went outside to solve our "littering problem". Someone had thrown litter all over the ground! Ok, it was me ... but it was still a fun game! The kids started at one end of the courtyard and took turning in their group, relay style, grabbing a piece of litter and helping it make its way to their team's trash can. The winning group that had the most trash in their can got pencils! There were some fast kiddos!