Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Place Value

The beginning of this school year has FLOWN by! I haven't forgotten to upload photos, it's just taken me a while to get them edited! Here are some of the things your kiddos have been working on the first couple weeks of school ...

The first day of school, we took a place value pre-test. The kids had 10 questions at their desks, and 10 questions that they had to find around the room.

We practiced place value in lots of different ways, but one of the most fun was the dice game we played. The kids each got 3 dice and 1 note card that they folded into thirds. Then, they worked with their shoulder partners to make a place value board that went from the ones place the to the hundred thousands place. They rolled their dice, and used the 6 dice to make a number that was either the greatest or least out of those dice based on what I called out. They showed AWESOME teamwork skills!

Week 2, we started math stations! Thursday and Friday the kids switched to 4 different stations. Each of their stations was 20 minutes each.

At my table, we did a 5 question quick check, then played a coin and amount matching game. The kids looked at the amounts that were on the table, and matched the mixed coin cards that were in their hands to the amounts. If they were right, they got another one.

At another station, the kids split their time in half between computers and matching addition and subtraction sentences.

At a third station, the kids worked on an independent place value assessment. Since we've been practicing using our cubby boxes as offices, they put them up all the time.

We've gotta take some breaks! Blazer Fresh is my FAVORITE GoNoodle channel. You can sign up for a free GoNoodle account at home! Go {here} to check it out, or in the "Learning At Home" tab at the top of the page.

Keep practicing those place values up to the hundred thousands place and mixed money! Practice makes perfect! Math Playground has some games that are sorted by grade and topic.

Here are a few money and place value games:

See ya next week for more math class work and stations!