Sunday, March 16, 2014

Science and Social Studies

I'm thinking we'll stick science and social studies together this time!

In science this week we talked about living and nonliving organisms and the difference between the two. One of the things the kids did in the science journals was look at a color page and color only the pictures that were living. Another one of their journals was to sort pictures into living and nonliving categories.

In social studies, we reviewed the difference between wants and needs and where we can get the things that we need in our town. After we talked about wants and needs again, the kids got in 3 groups and made maps of our town and where we can get things that we need!

We had 2 kiddos missing from this group. They had plenty of cars getting around and a bus talking kids to school!

This group had United and Alco on their map.

This group made sure they put in our "broken down" McDonald's and our new one!