Sunday, March 16, 2014

This week's math

This week in math we reviewed different concepts that we have learned so far. In stations, they practiced counting by tens by cutting and pasting the next number after 10 is added, measuring different animals from our Actual Size book, making and writing numbers and addition.

At one station this week, the kids added 10 more to numbers, then cut the correct number out and pasted it in the box next to the problem they were working on.

At another station, the kids used linking cubes or linking chains to measure different animal pictures from our Actual Size book by Steve Jenkins like we did a couple weeks ago.

 At a third station, the kids practiced writing and building different numbers.

 On one set of pages, the kids write in missing number that include that number, practice writing that number, fill in the right amount of five frame boxes, draw that many of an item, and write all the numbers up to that number.

On the other set of pages, the kidsfill in the right amount of five frame boxes, trace that number and the word, draw that many of an item and write what one more and one less would be.

At my table this week, the kids are practicing addition with the "number donut", markers and counting bears. We talked about how we ONLY write on the table at school when the teacher says it's ok! :)
Using bears to help him count the total

2 plus 3 is ... 5!