Friday, January 30, 2015

2 Day Week!

A little late, but here is what the kids did last week! Monday was MLK so we did MLK stations all day, and Thursday was Western Day (which we celebrated all day Thursday). Tuesday and Wednesday the kids did different western themed stations in math, reading/writing and we talked about Stephen F. Austin and Texas in socials studies.

Math - The kids did 100 chart hidden picture graphs (which they always get so excited about!), graphed which Texas pet the class would rather have, match nickels with their amounts, and practices counting out dimes and matching them with amounts.

Hidden picture graphs

Graphing our favorite Texas animals
Most of the kids wanted an armadillo!

In reading and writing, we read a book about Texas landforms and talked about what different parts of Texas look like.The kids sorted letters, words and sentences that had to do with Texas, put western words in alphabetical order, did a western crossword and made their own wanted posters!

All Around Texas book

Texas word, letter, sentence sort

Putting western words in ABC order

In science, we talked about soil and how different things need different soils to grow. We looked at some plants from Texas and their environments and talked about the types of soil they might grow in.
Wednesday, the kids did a sorting page for things that need soil and things that do not need soil.

Sorting what does and does not need soil

In social studies, we talked about Stephen F. Austin and put a few of his life events in order on a timeline. Then, the kids filled in some sentences about Texas and we made Texas salt dough maps! This is hands down one of my favorite parts of our Texas week! This year, instead of painting the Texas' brown and green, we painted them to look like our Texas region map.

The kids picked one person at their table to be the writer. The writer filled in the blanks after we wrote them together on the board. The sentences they had to finish were:
1. Our state is ________ (Texas).
2. The capitol is ________ (Austin).
3. The capitol was named after ___________________________ (Stephen F. Austin).

Our unpainted Texas'