Friday, January 30, 2015

Western Day!

Last Friday we were out of school for the Stock Show. So, on Thursday we had Western Day! We spent Tuesday and Wednesday talking about Texas and Stephen F. Austin and the kids' stations went along with our western theme.

100s Chart Hidden Picture Graphs and Texas pledges

Putting the Texas pledge in order

Cactus hidden picture

The day before, we made salt dough maps of Texas. Thursday, the kids painted them to match the different regions of Texas, just like the Texas map that we have.

Painting our Texas salt dough maps from the day before

After lunch, we had noodle horse relay races in the hallway with Mrs. Sturdivant's class (the one other class that did western day with us that day).

I'm pretty sure we won. :) After our races, we wrote a story about our tumbleweed that has been living in our room for 2 weeks. It was HUGE! The kids wrote about where they thought it came from and how it got here.

The rest of the afternoon was spent rotating to different stations before we watched our movie with our cowboy snacks. The kids panned for gold, played horseshoes, made Texas mobiles, played a math game called Yee Haw! and made s'mores!

After we played in stations and made s'mores, Mrs. Sturdivant's class came over and watched An American Tale Fievel Goes West with us. While we watched the movie, our class had ranch style beans and saltine crackers.
I made each of the kids some trail mix that I wrapped in a bandanna, tied together with twine and put their name on a sheriff badge as the name tag.

Happy Western Day!