Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Super Bowl Friday!!

Friday we celebrated the Super Bowl by doing different football themed stations all day! We graphed who we thought would win the Super Bowl, graphed different items on a football field, made football players, wrote about who we thought would win the Super Bowl, and found syllables of football words. At the end of the day, we had some Super Bowl party snacks.

In the morning, we graphed our picks to win Super Bowl XLIX on our big shelf board. Then, we wrote how many people chose the Seahawks and how many people chose the Patriots, which had the most, and which had the least.

After we graphed as a group and went over the graph, we split into 2 groups. One group graphed our Super Bowl picks graph from the board.

The other group graphed items that were on a football field and showed which had the most, least and how many there were altogether.

Later that morning, during social studies time, we made football players that held our writing papers of who we thought would win the Super Bowl.

And of course, we couldn't celebrate the Super Bowl without some party food! I made the kids lil' smokies, queso and football field cupcakes (which were a lot harder than I thought they would be!) We pigged out while finishing our last activity of the day (counting syllables) and then tossing around a football.