Saturday, February 7, 2015

Super Bowl Week!

Last week seemed to go by so fast and I didn't get too many pictures from throughout the week. We also had TPRI testing 2 days, so I was not in the room Tuesday and Wednesday to take pictures of the kiddos.

In math, the kids used coins to make different double digit amounts up to 50. We used the dimes for the tens place and the pennies for the ones place. At their other stations, the kids practiced more and less, matching dimes with their amounts, and did a subtract the room.

Matching pennies and dimes to their place values

In social studies the kids compared George Washington and Stephen F. Austin. We played a matching game one day, and the next the kids did their own venn diagram sorts.

During reading and writing, the kids used their vowel stars to make words, then change the vowels to make them into new words. The kids also read, wrote and drew the meaning of words, made compound word penguins, wrote about football and played other reading games.

Science was all about seasons! After watching a BrainPop on seasons, and each season individually, the kids used tree die cuts, markers, colored pencils, crayons and scrap paper to make their own season pictures.