Saturday, February 7, 2015

Money and Subtraction

This week in math the kids practiced subtracting numbers up to 10, matching coins with their amounts and names, practiced more and less, and matched numbers with quantities.

With their subtraction mats, the kids drew a cards with numbers 0 - 10 on them, and wrote the subtraction problems that went along with how many teeth each had and how many were taken away.

At my table, the kids started with 5 linking cubes and spun spinners with "more" and "less" on them, then either took away one cube from their tower or added one cube to their tower. They raced each other to see who could make the tallest tower before stations were over.

At their money station, the kids match cards that had pictures of coins either with how much each coin was worth, or with the name of the coin.

At their last station, the kids played concentration with cards that had numbers and quantities on them.