Saturday, February 14, 2015


This week in science we talked about constellations! Monday, we talked about what a constellation is and looked at some different pictures of constellations. We also went into our bathroom (which is decorated like the solar system) and looked at the different constellations we have on the wall.

Tuesday, the kids made a picture of their favorite constellation in their science journals.

Wednesday, we read a book about stars and reviewed what stars are made of and why they look so small. We also talked about why we can't see them during the day like we can see the moon. After our book, we looked at constellations through toilet paper rolls!

Since there was the perfect amount of toilet paper rolls as there were kids Wednesday, the kids got to start on their own! They painted their toilet paper rolls black, then we let them dry to finish them Thursday.

Once they were dry on Thursday, the kids used a push pin (after some serious push pin safety talk) and created their own constellations!

Once they got their "stars" where they wanted them, they gave them a name and wrote it on the side of their toilet paper roll. Then, they looked at their constellations and shared with friends who tried to guess what each others constellations were.