Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Moon!

This week in science we started talking about the moon! We have been recording the moon each night since last week (the kids have their own papers at home and I have mine that I do along with them). This week we watched a BrainPop on the moon, sorted phases by waxing and waning, made play dough moons (which we taught 2nd grade about) and made paper plate moon cycles.

For our play dough moons, the kids took a little bit of white play dough and a little bit of purple play dough (which we pretended was black because black play dough is REALLY hard to find) and made them each a half of a sphere (our moon). Then, we stuck our half white/half purple spheres on a craft stick and practiced making the different phases of the moon!

Once we finished our moons, we went down to show Mrs. Van who let the kids come in and teach 2nd grade about the phases of the moon! When we were leaving, Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Lovelady said the kids could come to their rooms to teach, too! So, the kiddos got to teach 3 different 2nd grade classes about the phases of the moon! :) We were VERY grateful to Mrs. Van, Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Lovelady for letting us come in and interrupt their classes when they didn't have to.

Later in the week, we made the full moon cycle using paper plates and the phases of the moon. The kids drew the Earth in the middle of the paper plate, then we wen over each phase of the moon and put them in order around our Earth.