Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sneaky E!

This week in reading and writing, the big things at my table was practicing "sneaky e" or silent e. We've talked about it when we get to certain words that have our special 'e', but this week we worked on reading CVC words and changing them to CVCe words and talking about the difference between the two.

 Some of their other station were reading, tracing and matching digraphs (th, ch, wh, sh), ordering letters to spell words and playing a sight word race to the top game! During writing, the kids have started to finish the stories in our decodables or compare things with our decodables.  Instead of 2nd grade coming to our class to read this week, we went to them! The kids also got an extra day to work on make-up work this week instead of just one day like we usually have.

First to get to 100 words!