Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Week of School Social Studies

Social Studies this week was all about rules, procedures and the people that keep us safe at school.

The first day, we went around the school to find the different parts of the building we visit all the time, and places we may need to visit.

Our second day, we played our Who Am I? game. The questions pop up one at a time and the kids try and guess who the authority figure is before the picture pops up. Each slide has 4 clues about each of the authority figures we see every day.

Our third day, we watched our Kindergarten BrainPOP and talked about if it was the same or different as our day in kindergarten.

On our fourth and fifth days, we made and revised our classroom rules. Once we had a good set of rules to follow, I wrote them on our class rules poster and we all signed our poster.