Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Kinder Studies the Moon

Last week we studies the moon! Monday, kinder was still finishing up their rock study, but Tuesday we dove in with our BrainPOP on the Moon.

Wednesday, we looked at how craters are formed on the moon. Each table got a pan of flour (yes it was a messy day!) to act as their moon surface. They took turns picking different balls (which were our meteors) and dropped them on the the surface of the moon to see what kind of craters they would make.

Some of our meteors made large craters. They kids thought it was so cool that we could see the designs of the different meteors on the moon's surface after they collided!

Some craters were much more shallow than others, too!

There were some meteors that made deep craters on the moon's surface.

When we finished our crater lab, we talked about all of the different craters that were made on the moon's surface by the different meteors! We had, wide, narrow, deep and shallow craters. We also talked about the different patterns we say from the meteors when they hit the surface and why that happen. We learned about how scientists, like astronomers, can learn all sorts of things about meteors by the craters they make on the moon!

Thursday, we review the phases of the moon like we talked about in our BrainPOP. The kids used popsicle sticks and black and white play dough to make their own moons! 

One side of the moon was white and the other was black. When we spun the moon around on our stick, we were able to see the different phases that the moon goes through on its path around Earth!

Friday was our art day. The kids decorated astronaut helmets to take home and wear as masks. There were too many kids for us to cut all of the middles out together, so they took them home to do it.

We had a fun (and LONG) week learning about the moon!