Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Second Grade's Phases!

Last week, the kids studied the moon! We talked about craters, phases of the moon and how it revolves around the Earth causing day and night. Monday, we watched our BrainPOP on the Moon.

Tuesday, the kids looked at how phases of the moon happen. Each group made a moon using a piece of foil and a popsicle stick. Then, they stuck it in a piece of play dough to keep it from moving, and situated a flash light (their sun) so that it would shine on one side of the moon.

Then, they used their Phases of the Moon cards to show where the different phases of the moon were all around the moon they made.

Wednesday, we looked at how craters are formed on the moon. Each table got a pan of flour (yes it was a messy day!) to act as their moon surface. They took turns picking different balls (which were our meteors) and dropped them on the the surface of the moon to see what kind of craters they would make.

Some of the craters went really far down into the moon's surface and left deep craters.

When we finished our crater lab, we talked about all of the different craters that were made on the moon's surface by the different meteors! We had, wide, narrow, deep and shallow craters. We also talked about the different patterns we say from the meteors when they hit the surface and why that happen. We learned about how scientists, like astronomers, can learn all sorts of things about meteors by the craters they make on the moon!

Thursday, the kids did a directed drawing of an astronaut. They went panel by panel until they got through all of 16 of them and had their finished picture.

Friday, the kids did an science/engineering challenge where they got a box with 8 holes cut out, a ping pong ball, a flash light, and a piece of play dough. They had to find a way to make all 8 phases of the moon show as they looked through the holes in the box.

When they finally did. they were so excited!

They got pretty creative in trying to figure out how this contraption was supposed to work.

We had a fun (and LONG) week learning all about the moon!