Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More plants ... Sort of!

This past week in Science we labeled the different parts of plant in our Science Journals. The kids made flap books, placed different parts of the plant under each flap, then labeled those parts.

We also took mixed up parts of plants and put them in the correct order, then labeled those!

He drew the plant's needs after he ordered and labeld!

Thursday, we dissected flowers and looked at them underneath our microscope!

First we looked at our plant and figured out what it was.

Next, we looked in the soil for the roots and separated the roots and soil from the rest of the plant.

He found a lot of roots!

Then, we separated the leaves from the stem.

We looked at one of the leaves underneath the microscope and saw the cells in the leaf! After we looked at the leaf we looked at the stem underneath the microscope. We noticed they were both green.

 Next, we separated the petals on the flower and looked at one of the petals underneath the microscope. The flower petals cells were purple, white and yellow.

After we looked at the petal we looked at the pistil of the flower (which was VERY hard to get underneath the microscope!)