Friday, April 25, 2014

Our Field Trip to the Science Spectrum!

The first week in April we had our Field Trip to the Science Spectrum. It's taken a while but I've finally gotten through all the pictures I took! The kids had a blast!


When we first walked into the Science Spectrum there were cages with rabbits and chicks in them!

This was hands down the LARGEST rabbit I have ever seen. It was bigger than the kid's heads!

We got to look at electricity in different places.

 Looking at magnets and how strong they are!

Making water move up tubes at different speeds!

Spinning around on the ... spinney thingy :)

He's not scared of the dinosaur at all :)

Climbing up the rock wall

They're pretty good!

We got to look at all kinds of different ocean life!

One of the coolest things we got to do at the Science Spectrum was see the reptile show!

Petting one of the snakes that was brought out

We also got to see the penguins!

Looking at the holograms all along the hallway