Monday, April 14, 2014

Our busy week!

This past week flew by! Here are some of the things the kids did in class this past week.

In math this past week, the kids sorted 2D and 3D shapes, played money concentration, colored by sum, and graphed animals. 

One of  their math stations was sorting 2D and 3D shapes.

The kids picked among circles and spheres, squares and cubes, or triangles and cones.

At my table the kids graphed animals and then answered questions about their graphs.

At a third station this week, the kids did an Easter color by sum page.

At their fourth station this week, the kids played money concentration. They had to match coins to amounts on cards.

In reading and writing this past week, the kids wrote drafts of their new story, unscrambled letters inside of Easter eggs to make words, matched compound words and sorted CVC and sneaky e words.
In writing, the kids practiced writing their own stories and making drafts.

They wrote and drew out their characters, setting, problem and solution before putting it on paper.

Unscrambling letters to make words.
The kids opened Easter eggs and unscrambled the letters to make CVC words.

After they made their word, they wrote it down in the Easter egg.

Sorting CVC words and Sneaky e words

Making Easter Egg compound words

In science this past week, we talked about the life cycle of plants. In their journals, the kids ordered plant life cycle pictures.