Sunday, September 4, 2016

Kindergarten's Second Week of School!

Our second week of school already! We had 2 days of music again this week (Monday and Tuesday). The kids reviewed keeping a steady beat from last week, then learned about the different voices we can use (inner voice, whisper, talk, shout and sing). On Tuesday, we practiced using our different voices. A few kids came up and chose the style of voice for us to chant our Kangaroo song to.

After our kangaroo song, we played a game! Someone came up and hit the spin button, then when a topic (a place or situation) came on the screen, they had to tell us what kind of voice to use.

The rest of the week, we had Social Studies days! On Wednesday, we watched our Kindergarten BrainPOP and took our quiz.

We also listened to the book David Goes to School by David Shannon (because mine is all ripped up!) and talked about whether or not David was following the rules in school.

Thursday, we started our Social Studies centers! The kids had 6 different centers to visit on Thursday and Friday. 

They got to play ABC Mouse on the iPads and colored bookmarks that said they could follow rules.

They colored objects that belong at school.

They sorted pictures into things we bring to school and things we leave at home on mini pocket charts.

They drew pictures of themselves following a rule.

And they played a school supplies matching game on the SMART board! I'm going to go out on a limb and say this was most of their favorite thing to do.