Friday, September 9, 2016

Recycling Races!

This past week in science, 2nd grade talked about reducing, reusing and recycling! On Wednesday, we watched a BrainPOP about the 3 R's which took up the entire 30 minutes of class.

Thursday, we reviewed what we had talked about in our BrainPOP Wednesday, and then we headed outside for a Recycling game! The kids stood on one side of the courtyard where the cones were in 4 different teams, and carried the recycling (thank you for all that you sent to school for our game!) to the other end of the courtyard where the different recycling bins (paper, plastic and aluminum) were. You guys have some fast kids!

The pair of teams that won at the end of the race got 100% stamps! The pair of teams that came in second place got Very Nice stamps!

We even had a special guest come to play with us in one of the groups ... Mrs. Tovar!

The kids did an awesome job sorting through all of that recycling and placing the items in (or next to) the bins they belonged in!

Thank you again for all of the recycling that you sent to school with your kiddos! You helped to make this a fun game!