Monday, January 30, 2017

Kinder Rocks!

The second week of the semester, we started talking about rocks! Monday was MLK, so we skipped that day (because we talked about MLK and did our science/social studies activity).

Tuesday we watched our Rocks and Minerals BrainPOP and took our rock quiz.

The rest of the week, Kinder did different rock stations. They went to 5 of them over the coarse of 3 days (Wednesday, Thursday and Monday). 

The read and looked at different rocks in our Rock Encyclopedia book and talked about the ones they liked and how they were similar to ones they had seen at the other tables..

The observed rocks with me and wrote about their size, shape, color and texture.

Then they drew a picture of the rock they chose to observe.

Once they left my table, they went to Ms. Anthony's table where they observed different rocks. This time, instead of writing the words that described their rock, they colored the choices that matched their rock.

The also sorted pictures into rocks and not rocks on the pocket charts.

The kids also got to play on the SMART board. Their game was from the games section of the Rocks and Minerals BrainPOP. The kids had to look at the different sections of the picture and choose the 3 items that were made of rock in each one.

Once they found something, it was the next person's turn to go!