Monday, January 30, 2017

Second Grade Rocks!

The second week of the semester, we started talking about rocks! Monday was MLK, so we skipped that day (because we talked about MLK and did our science/social studies activity).

Tuesday we watched our Rocks and Minerals BrainPOP and took our rock quiz.

Wednesday, the kids went on a rock scavenger hunt around the room. There were 7 different areas they could visit (4 at the tables and 3 on the mat) with all kinds of different rocks. 

They had to read what rock they were supposed to find, then visit the different places around the room and draw a picture of that rock once they found it.

Some of the boys had a lot of rock questions, so I told them when they finished their scavenger hunt, they could check out my Rock Encyclopedia ... which they did until the end of class! :)

Thursday, the kids worked with partners to write descriptions about a rock and record them in our "Talking Rock" Activity. The kids went to tables and chose a rock. Then, they filled in the blanks for 5 sentences that described their rocks. 

Once I checked their papers to make sure they put the right characteristics in the right places, they got to take a picture of their rock, and record what they wrote on their papers using an app called Chatterpix! (You can click the picture to download this app for free!)

The result ... talking rocks! And here they are!