Saturday, May 17, 2014

Classifying animals!

This six weeks in science, we are talking about the different kinds of animals and how we classify them. Each week we talk about a different animal group. At the beginning of each week, we made a chart for what characteristics the type of animal group has and examples of animals that are in that group.

The first week we talked about mammals. The kids read a book about mammals and colored it. The kids also made a chart with 3 animals that are mammals and 1 that is not. They did AWESOME!

Writing 3 mammals and one non-mammal

Working on his mammal book

The second week we talked about birds and the third week we talked about reptiles.

Using timothy hay and feathers to make birds in their nests

Our fourth week we talked about fish. The kids painted fish one day for our mini fish bowl and tore paper to make fish scales on their fish another day.

Painted fish for our fish bowl!

Making her rainbow fish

Making his clownfish

Posing in front of their ocean scene on water day before we went out for a day of fun in the sun!