Saturday, May 17, 2014

Western Day

Western Day was a blast! The kids had sooooo much fun and looked so cute in their gear! They got to make butter, have noodle horse races, lasso bulls (FAKE BULLS!), see longhorns and horses, make brand art, play with horseshoes, pan for gold, pet different animals and take some pretty cute pictures.

Overall, it was a long, fun-filled day!

The kids made their own butter by shaking the jars back and forth.

 Their arms may have been tired, but all that hard work paid off!

Then, we got to go to the chuck wagon and have fresh bean tortillas! They were delicious!

We had a little time to kill ... so we congaed to our next station :)

After the chuck wagon, the kids got to ride bouncy balls and have a noodle horse race.


We got to look at longhorns and horses and see how people take care of them and tell them apart.


Using brands to make art after looking at the animals.

 Later, the kids tried to make washers into buckets, rope steers and pan for gold.


We got to see a LOT of different animals at the petting zoo.


 Mrs. Rogers taught the kids 2 songs that afternoon. Home on the Range was one of them.


Before we went home for the day, the kids took pictures as cowboys and cowgirls and bandits!