Monday, May 19, 2014

End of the year science experiments!

At the beginning of this six weeks I promised the kids that if we got all of our stuff done of the end of school that we needed to, we would do different science experiments after being finished. They worked SO hard this six weeks so with school coming to an end, we are doing different science experiments in class! 

Monday's experiment: Making a balloon inflate without a person blowing air into it!

I gave each group an empty water bottle and a balloon. I came around and we used a funnel to put baking soda in each balloon and vinegar in the bottom of the empty water bottle.

First the balloons had to be stretched a little.

One person held the balloon and funnel while another poured baking soda into the funnel to get it into the balloon.

Next, one person held the funnel in the empty water bottle while I poured vinegar into it.

We carefully put the balloon around the lid of the water bottle without getting baking soda into it and then ...

We poured the baking soda in and watched the magic happen!

Tuesday we got ready for Graduation, Wednesday we HAD graduation, Thursday we got ready for Relay Recess and Friday we HAD Relay Recess ... so just one super cool experiment this week!