Saturday, May 17, 2014

Western Week Stations!

A couple weeks ago we had western day. So, the whole week most of our station were western themed!

In math, we graphed which Texas state symbol we would like to have as a pet. The kids graphed which one they would prefer out of an armadillo, longhorn and mocking bird.

Most of the kids want a longhorn for a pet, but the votes were close! Of course the smallest animal gets the least amount of votes :)
Later during the week in station, the kids recorded our class graph on their own papers

We also talked about estimation in math. The kids estimated how many blocks they thought were in the container ... I had the worst guess out of everyone!

Counting all of the blocks to see which group got the closest

At my table, I showed the kids cards and they estimated how many candies were on each card and wrote that number down. After they estimated all 6 cards, they counted to see how many were really on the card and see how close they got.

The kids also worked with money. They went "shopping" and used shopping cards and coins to buy different items. They recorded what they bought, how much it cost, and what type of coins they used to pay for it.

At another station, the kids rolled dice, added the numbers together, then colored the sum in to help a cowboy get to his horse.