Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Math

This week in math was a testing week at my table, so I was not able to walk around and take pictures during math like I usually do. The kids showed greater and less with numbered peeps, made addition problems with Easter eggs, adding the bottoms and tops together, opened Easter eggs and counted the money inside of each one, and showed one more, less or equal to with different spring pictures.

We also started reading and solving story problem right before calendar each morning. As soon as the kids get into the room, there is a story problem showing either on the screen or on the board. The kids read the problem and think about it during breakfast. Once the bell rings and we are all cleaned up, the kids get a dry erase board and marker. Then, we read the problem together in case someone was unable to read it (but they are doing awesome reading them), and the kids solve the problem on their boards writing either the addition sentence or the subtraction sentence.

Friday's word problem