Friday, March 27, 2015

Plant Parts

This week in science we talked about parts of a plant. Monday, we watched our Parts of a Plant BrainPop.

Tuesday, we did a parts of a plant labeling activity in our science journals. The kids cut out 6 different words, and we read them one at a time as a group. The kids had to decide where the words went on their paper and which word we did not need.

Wednesday, we made a plant parts flip book. The kids folded and cut their papers to have 4 flaps, wrote words on each flap, then built a flower behind the flaps to show each different part of the plant as you raise each flap.

Friday, the kids dissected flowers and sorted the parts onto different mats at their tables. After sorting the different parts, we looked at a flower petal and leaf underneath a microscope and saw the cells that make up those parts of the plant!