Sunday, November 15, 2015

Halloween and Pumpkins!

In social studies during Halloween week, we talked about the origins of Halloween, how different families do or do not celebrate Halloween, and we did a neat lab with pumpkins!

Monday, we watched our BrainPOP on Halloween!

Wednesday, we sequenced the life cycle of a pumpkin after we read a decodable about a pumpkin's life cycle.

Thursday, before our dry ice experiment, we did a pumpkin lab! Our pumpkin Investigation came from a pumpkin mini unit that had a LOT of cool pumpkin stuff in it. Instead of each of the kids getting their own pumpkin, each table group got their own pumpkin. We used princess pumpkins for our investigation.

For our investigation, we needed to see if our pumpkins would float or not. I rigged up a container filler to fill up our tote box while we worked on the rest of our investigation. It was like having a little fountain in our room for a while while we worked!

Not too many kiddos thought our pumpkins would float ... buuuuuut ... THEY DID!