Friday, November 6, 2015

States of Matter!

Halloween week in science means one of my favorite science units! We spent the week talking about states of matter and how different things can change to different states of matter.

We started off the week by watching our Solid, Liquid, Gas BrainPOP and looking at the different pictures in our big science flip book.

Wednesday we talked about different things in our room that were in different states of matter and whether or not we could change them to other states and how we could do that.

Thursday was the fun day! We did our dry ice lab! Mrs. Sturdivant's class came over to do our dry ice lab with us. We reviewed states of matter and what each state was. We also reviewed my safety equipment. We talked about the different materials I had on the table and then I asked the kids what they thought was in the cooler.

I forgot that last year I wore 2 sets of gloves ... and I burned my hand. Just another lesson is being safe when doing science labs!

After I put a SECOND set of gloves on, we added cool water to our below freezing dry ice. The kids predicted that the water would make the ice melt and it would turn from a solid into a liquid.

BUT ... because the dry ice is SO cold, it skips the whole liquid phase and turns directly into a gas! Their faces when the gas started to pour over the container and they heard the water boiling in the container we priceless!

After we turned our solid into a gas, we decided to have some fun with it. We placed a spoon on top of the block of dry ice and listened to it vibrate, put food coloring on our dry ice and put glow stick liquid in it!