Sunday, November 15, 2015

Our Pumpkins!

Good news and bad news ...

Good new, WE FINALLY CUT UP THE REST OF OUR PUMPKINS!!! While I was out for Halloween, the kids cut into one of the pumpkins they used for their pumpkin investigations. When they did, they saw that the seeds had started to sprout roots INSIDE the pumpkin! So, we decided to cut open the rest of the pumpkins to see what was happening in them. Not only were they sprouting with roots and vines inside the pumpkins, but leaves were sprouted and growing inside, too! So we decided to plant what was already growing and see what would happen!

No for the bad news ... I have the least green thumb on the face of the planet and can never seem to keep plants alive no matter how hard I try! Our makeshift pumpkin patch is covered with flies and the pumpkins have started growing mold ... of course. So they're being thrown away. At least we tried!