Monday, February 10, 2014

Geometry, Length and Graphs, OH MY!

In math this week we did a few different things. At different stations, the kids made shapes on geoboards, measured different objects in the room, sorted objects by like attributes (things they have in common like shape, size, color) and graphed M&M's onto a pictograph.

At one station, the kids used shape cards (or shapes they know) and made those shapes on geoboards. Some made one shape and then started over, others overlapped their shapes. Either way, they looked pretty cool!
Making a star on her geoboard
Many different shapes on her geoboard!

At another station this week, the kids measure different objects and placed them in order from longest to shortest. They measured backpacks, notebooks, glue, pencils and scissors. After they measured each one, they cut out the pictures on their paper and put them in order from the longest to the shortest.
Measuring his science notebook.

Measuring back packs, glue and pencils.

At a third stations, the kids each got a fun sized back of M&Ms that they had to graph on a pictograph. At the end of the week, after everyone had graphed their M&Ms we answered the questions together. A few of the kids were able to read the questions and answer them themsevles! :)

At my table, the kids sorted different objects from a baggie based on what I said. If I said blue, they had to put all of teh blue things on the "example" side and everything that was not blue on the "Non-example" side.
Sorting by four-sided objects.