Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Week!

In all the hustle and bustle of Valentine's week ... I forgot to take pictures at the Valentine's Party! Here is what the kids worked on during Valentine's week and did AWESOME on!

In math, they sorted and graphed conversations hearts, did a color by number heart and used linking cubes and linking chains to measure different animals from Steve Jenkin's book Actual Size.


The crocodile's head was 22 linking chains long!

Using linking chains to measure a giant earthworm!

Thursday, the kids made heart people by tracing large and small hearts onto paper and gluing them together with crinkled strips.
Tracing hearts for his heart person

Heart people just make you want to dance! :)

Through out the week the kids made bags for their Valentine's. After school Thursday I stayed to set their bags up with the little Valentine presents I made for them.

The each got a Valentine puzzle to put together

These were their Valentine boxes that I put their puzzles and mustache or lip suckers in.

I think this was one of the coolest/cutest Valentine cards! AND we just finished talking about space that week so how perfect was that!

You send my heart into "orbit" ... Love it!
Mustache and lip lollipops

Their bags looked pretty cool!