Friday, February 28, 2014

It's all about the numbers!

This week in math we did a lot of adding/counting on, writing and building numbers and paying for items using nickels.

 At this station, the kids used linking cubes to help them count on and solve the problems on their paper.
Using linking cubes to help count on
They have their own thinking processes :)

At this station, the kids used nickels to pay for different items on cards. Their items we worth anywhere from 5 cents to $1.50!
Buying food with nickels

They were bartering :)

At this station, the kids used dry erase markers to fill in the correct amount of five frames depending on the number they were working on. After they filled in their five frames, they had to practice writing the number and writing the number word.

At my station this week, the kids practiced more with counting on using cookies and dry erase markers on the laminated paper on the back of our big shelf. After they used the cookies to figure out how many they needed, they wrote the number underneath it and read the problem to me.
Solving problems with cookies