Tuesday, December 1, 2015

We Have A Pumpkin Patch!

Soooooo, I THOUGHT I killed all of the pumpkins/seeds and that they were molding, BUUUUT they're growing! Which means this is about to turn into a whole big thing! We're going to be journaling as much as we can in our science journals!

Our pumpkin seeds are in a big clear tub I got from Target. They are (for now) planted in the corner of the tub since we had the pumpkins with the seeds in them in the middle taking up a lot of room. We may move them later depending on how they start to grow. There's a little clip on lamp with the day bulb we used for Slinky that we leave on during the day so they have some artificial sunlight.

Monday night, we had a couple leave coming out of the sprouting seeds. Before we left school that afternoon we looked at how they were doing and saw that there were some leaves that were about the come out of the seed.

Monday, November 16

The next evening, we had 7 visible sprouts and a couple that were trying to poke their heads out of the soil! I'm amazed at how fast these are growing! We may have pumpkins surfacing by the time January hits! It's pretty cool to have a little "pumpkin patch" for our room.

Tuesday, November 17

Pumpkin Update!
Here's what our pumpkins looked like before Thanksgiving Break.

Tuesday, November 24

And when we got BACK from break ... they had grown even more!

Tuesday, December 1