Tuesday, December 1, 2015


During our Thanksgiving "weeks" (which was 7 days), the kids did a lot of different Thanksgiving themed activities in their stations throughout the day.

We played this super fun sight word game called Catch That Turkey!  The kids drew cards in a pile, read the sight word, then got to spin the spinner if they read the word correctly. The player who got to the end of their page first was the winner. We used counters the first time so we could play over and over, but later in the week they colored their circles in.

The day after our Thanksgiving lunch, the kids worked on building words, blending words, playing their turkey sight word game in small groups and writing about different Fall pictures they chose.

For each word they built correctly after I called it out, they got to keep the word card!

The next week was a super short week with only 2 days of school! We did a lot of math, science and social studies those days since it was a full week. In math, the kids did a Nearpod assessment with counting, writing and representing numbers; used linking cubes to build Thanksgiving foods; and showed greater than and less than with Thanksgiving pictures. I'm not sure what was going on with my phone, but the pictures were really blurry that day!

We Pop See Ko'd before we left ... and all had a great Thanksgiving Break!