Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hanukkah Math Stations!

During the 3 weeks of December that we have school, we spend each week talking about a different winter holiday. Last week we talked about Hanukkah! During Math stations, most of the kids' work had a Hanukkah theme to it.

This week, we started playing a new addition game using egg cartons! Each of the kids gets an egg carton with numbers 0-9 written in the bottom 1 or 2 times. (2 numbers only get to be written in once since there's not enough space). The kids put 2 pom-poms in their egg cartons and shake it up. When they open it, they see what numbers the pom-poms landed on, and add them together!


At another station, the kids graphed different Hanukkah symbols, then showed which one had the most and which had the least.

At a third station, the kids rolled dice, added the pips together, then colored in the sum of the pips.

At their last station for the week, the kids practiced decomposing the number 10 by counting and writing how many of each Hanukkah symbol was shown on the paper to get to 10.