Monday, December 14, 2015

Kwanzaa Math!

This week in math, we practiced subtracing numbers using Santa’s Sleigh story problems, graphing gingerbread symbols, making 10 by finishing 10 frames, and doing a write the room where the kids had to count kinaras and write how many were on each card on their papers. We have also been doing some nearpod activites whole group as lessons. This week, we did a nearpod lesson by Racheal Bohnert at A Kinder Kindergarten. She created a cute Christmas near pod that dealt with adding numbers together from 1 – 5, so it was a little review for us before moving into subtraction.

During their station at my table, I read a story problem to the kids and they used the 10 and 20 frames on their Santa’s Sleigh mats to solve the subtraction problems. We did 3 together at first and then I gave each of them their own story problems to work on. Once they got 3 story problems in a row correct on their own, they got to practice writing the word problem on the table with a washable marker.


 At their second station for the week, the kids practiced graphing different gingerbread pictures.

During their third station of the week, the kids did a count the room where they walked around and found 8 different cards that had different quantities of kinaras on them. Once they found a card, they looked to see what letter was on it so they could write their answer in the right circle on their paper, then counted the kinaras and wrote how many there were.

At their last station of the week, the kids practiced making 10 by filling in the rest of the 10 frames on their papers and completing the addition problems.