Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pumpkin Pie in a Bag!

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving was spent finishing work and making a snack! We made pumpkin pie ... in a bag! The kids had a blast helping make our snack and took their leftovers home. Hopefully they didn't make a big mess with their baggies.

Everyone got a turn to scoop out the pumpkin from the can, which worked out great for me because I cannot STAND pumpkin pie filling.

Once all of the pumpkin was scooped out, I added our vanilla pudding mix ...

... cinnamon ...

... and milk.

Then, it was time to knead it all together! We passed the bag around the table and everyone got a change to mix up our squishy mess in a bag. They were so cute helping each other hold the bag so it wouldn't fall over.

After our pumpkin and pudding was all mixed up together, I cut a hole in the corner of the gallon bag and squeezed some into a snack bag for each of the kiddos.

Once everyone had their bag of pumpkin pie filling, the cut a corner of their bag off and squeezed it onto their graham crackers.

We put their cut baggies into another baggie for them to take their pumpkin pie home in.

Click here to download a copy of our pumpkin pie in a bag recipe!