Sunday, September 6, 2015

5 Senses

This week in science we talked about observing with our 5 senses. On Monday, we watched our BrainPOP about senses. During our BrainPOP we paused for each sense and talked about the body part we use for that sense and what kinds of things we could observe with it. We also added our vocabulary words on the board for each of our five senses.

Each week we have different vocabulary words that we try to use throughout the week. Our vocabulary words go with our whatever we are learning about that week. It could be in science, social studies, math or a reading and writing term (like synonym). Once we are finished with that week's vocabulary, they are stapled to our word wall underneath the board where the kids can sit and write their words if they need them in a story or writing we are doing for the day.

Tuesday, we read our 5 senses book My Five Senses by Aliki.

Wednesday, the kids got with partner for science! Each partner picked out a secret object from somewhere in the room and brought it back to their table. One partner had their eyes closed and could only use their sense of touch to figure out what their partner had brought them. They gave their object back to their partner, then drew a picture about what they thought it was they were touching.

Thursday, we used our five sense to look at, smell, touch, taste and listen to gum! We all had our own record sheet in our science journals that we drew and wrote on as a group.

Friday, we did a five sense lab with popcorn! We used our senses to look at the kernels and the bag expand, smell and listen to the popcorn as it started popping, and touch and taste the popcorn after it popped. The kids each gave me an observation that I wrote on a piece of popcorn and let them put above whichever sense popcorn box it belonged with.