Friday, September 11, 2015

Senses, Sorting and Colors!

This week in science was our last week of observations! We did one last 5 senses lab, sorted by colors and mixed colors to make new colors.

Tuesday, we did a 5 senses lab to go along with our letter Aa theme of the day. The kids used their 5 senses to look at, smell, touch, hear and taste apples.

Thursday, we sorted Froot Loops by colors and drew how many of each color we had ... then we ate them! :) The kids had to trace words before they sorted their cereal by color.

Friday, after Grandparent's Day, our class and Mrs. Sturdivant's class did science together! First,we watched a Peep and Chirp about mixing colors together to make new colors.

After our video, Mrs. Sturdivant read a book to the class about mixing colors called White Rabbit's Color book.

Once the book was over, we went over to the table and started our science experiment for the day! We had a container filled with water, 6 test tubes, 6 eye droppers and some food coloring.

The first thing we did was fill the test tubes with 3 eye droppers worth of water, which the kids had to count out for me because I kept "messing up" :). Then, we added food coloring to make a yellow test tube, red test tube and blue test tube. We talked about the book and video we watched and thought about what might happen if we mixed some of the colors together.

Then the magic happen!

Some of our colors were so dark, we had to add more water so we could see what color it actually was!