Friday, September 18, 2015

E, F and G

This week in reading and writing, we learned the letters Ee, Ff, and Gg and review letters Aa - Ff.

For their letter Ee stations, the kids played their letter Ee picture matching game, finished work (or got to play on the writing shelf if they were all caught up with everything), did a letter Ee word search, and did their letter Ee books.

For their letter Ff stations, the kids played their letter Ff picture matching game, did their letter Ff books, used bingo dobbers to dob all of the letter Ff''s to find a hidden picture, and made frogs!

On review day, we played a sound matching game with /a/, /b/, /c/, /d/ and /f/,the kids matched the letter Ff to pictures, matched pictures that started with the /d/ sound to a duck, did their letter Dd book that we didn't get to on Grandparent's Day, and played a letter slap game.


For their letter Gg stations, the kids made tissue paper geese, did their letter Gg book, played our /g/ matching game, practiced tracing and writing letter Gg's, and did a hidden letter paper.

Friday, we did football fun crafts after our Homecoming Pep Rally. We needed a break from letters and to have a fun morning! :)