Friday, September 11, 2015

Learning Our Letters! A-D

This week we started in on letters! Since we had a holiday Monday, we did letters Aa, Bb, Cc and Dd. There is a LOT that goes on when we do out letters! 

For the letter Aa, we started off with our Alphabet Song (which we do every day) and our letter Aa song.

In our Alphabet Song, the kids go through each letter of the alphabet a few times and the sounds that each letter makes a couple times. This song is from Have Fun Teaching (the link to Have Fun Teaching's website in on our Helping At Home page. They also have a YouTube Channel that has all of the songs that we do in class!

For each of our letter songs, the kids say the letter and the sound it makes, then say some words that either begin with that sounds (most consonants) or have that sound in them (vowels, x and y). These songs are from Have Fun Teaching, too.

Once we finish our songs, we look at our Big Alphabet Book. We see if there are any pictures that start with the sound(s) for the letter we are working on, then read our poem and look for pictures again. Then, each of the kids comes up and show me a letter Aa and tells me if it was a capital A they pointed to or a lowercase a they pointed to.

Once we've got our letter book out of the way, we head over to do stations! We have dropped from 4 to 3 stations a day (I'm hoping to bring it back up to 4 next week) and then our writing time. At my table each day this week, we did a letter book that went with the letter we were talking about for the day and then played our matching game with pictures and sounds (all /a/ sounds Tuesday, /b/ sounds Wednesday, etc). Some of their other stations were painting a's to look like apples, doing a hidden letter A paper, painting b's to look like butterflies, doing a Bb word search, spinning and graphing /c/ pictures, sorting pictures into Cc and NOT Cc categories, and making D dinosaurs!