Friday, September 18, 2015

One More and One Less

This week in math, our focus was on making groups of objects that showed one more and one less. Monday is always our whole group day where we do our main lesson on the carpet as a group. Each of the kids got 5 linking cubes and had to build a tower that was either one more than mine or one less than mine depending on what the spinner told us.

In their first math station this week, the kids matched amounts on acorn tops with the correct numeral on  acorn bottoms.

In their second math station this week, the kids rolled dice, then colored the number that matched the amount of dots that was on the dice when they rolled it.

At their third station this week, the kids traced numbers 1-5 and found the group of Chester's that matched the number they were tracing.

At my table, we practiced making towers that showed one more or one less that other towers we built. The kids spun a number between 1 and 5, then made a tower. Then, we spun the more or less spinner and built a new tower with either one more or one less and compared the two.