Sunday, September 6, 2015


This week in math, we talked about different ways to make numbers. On Monday, the kids got in pairs and worked as a group. Each group got 6 counting bears (3 blue and 3 red) and a dry erase board to work on. I gave them a number between 1 and 5 and they used their bears to show me how they could make that number with those colors.

2 blue and 2 red bears to make 4

2 blue and 1 red bear to make 3

In math station the rest of the week, the kids made numbers with play-doh, made numbers with pattern blocks, played number match concentration, and made and broke numbers 1-5.

At their first station, the kids used one of our PVC pipe chart stands and the numbers from our number of the day on our calendar wall to make numbers with play-doh! Each kid got to pick a number they wanted the table to do. After they chose their number and everyone made it, the next kid got to pick a number.

At their second station this week, the kids used pattern blocks to build numbers. They matched the shapes on their mat or on the table and built the number on each paper.

At their third station this week, the kids played number match concentration. They flipped cards over to match numbers and dots.

At my table this week, we used train mats and spinners to build numbers 1-5 in different ways. The kids spun the spinner, told me the number, and then used 2 different colored linking cubes to show me how we could show that number (just like we did with the bears at the beginning of the week).